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January 21, 2020
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2020 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo - Boston
Angela Mahoney
Autism Interventions
John Pagano
The Annual AOTA conference will be held in our backyard this Spring. We look forward to meeting you at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 26th to March 29th in the Expo Hall!! Join us in celebrating the largest gathering of occupational therapy professionals in the world! We'll share our latest and greatest products and publications with you. In addition, we are thrilled to give you a sneak preview of the sensational Therapro authors and guests whom we have invited to share our exhibit. You will have an opportunity to meet and greet our renowned friends, and view, purchase, and discuss their publications personally.
  • Angela Mahoney, M.Ed. is the author of the I Can Work! curriculum. She teaches educators, therapists, and parents the vocational skill building action steps for creating a highly engaged transition plan, developing hands-on job related opportunities, and the use of data paired with reflection to prepare all individuals for successful employment.

  • Linda Merry, OTR/L, NDT/C and Celine Skertich, PT, MS, PCS, NDT/C are the creators of the functionalhand tool, which is uniquely designed to assist individuals of all ages who have difficulty with grasp, providing a means to hold objects for fun and function.

  • Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, MS, OTR, C/NDT, FAOTA and Betty Paris, MEd, PT, C/NDT, are the authors of the critically acclaimed books Is It Sensory or Is It Behavior? and Autism Interventions.

  • John Pagano, Ph.D., OTR/L is a certified Instructor of Positive Behavioral Support and Movement Based Learning strategies. His new publication, FAB: Functionally Alert Behavior Strategies, is a pioneering book that offers practical transdisciplinary interventions that help students with complex behavioral challenges.
In addition, we will be featuring all the books and items that are now part of the Therapro fine line of products. They include Trace the Eights, Race the Eights, the M.O.R.E. book and DVD, Copying From the Board, Let's Do It Write: Writing Readiness and Sensory Integration Inventory. They will be part of our show specials and offered at a discount.

Therapro Webinar #9 - January 28th
Our next free webinar is tonight! Join us for Vocational Planning with I Can Work! Module 2: Clerical on January 28, 2020 - 7:00PM - 8:30PM EDT

The I Can Work! Curriculum is a 5-module course designed to integrate communication skills with hands-on prevocational training in the areas of job readiness, clerical, retail, food service, and the grocery industry. This differentiated, hands-on curriculum utilizes visual supports and data collection systems all designed to build a strong, consistent, pre-vocational foundation for all individuals.

This in-depth webinar is designed to introduce and break down step-by-step Module 2: Clerical. The clerical module presents the second step in a multi-layered process for introducing and educating young adults in the area of vocation and is the first of 4 modules to contain hands-on, activity-based plans. Module 2 focuses on clerical-related vocabulary, jobs related to an office environment, as well as tasks such as preparing mailing, alphabetical filing and data entry.

Register for the FREE webinar here.

FREEBIES! Free Resources from Therapro
Second Hand Therapiess
During the holidays, did you receive some presents in boxes? And did you keep those boxes, hating to throw them out because they are ...boxes? We have great ideas in the product Second Hand Therapies on how to recycle boxes to make activities designed to enhance hand function. First, make Box Slots. Reuse a box to make a game that requires bilateral hand coordination and various grasp patterns. Or, make a Mystery Glove Box to try to find and identify mystery objects. These are perfect activities for indoors and to Make What's at Hand!

And, please note that the card deck, Second-Hand Therapies, which has over 30 unique activities, is On Sale (20% off).

All previous Therapro Free Resource offerings can be found here.

Featured Products
Wipe-Clean Weighted Blanket
Wipe-Clean Weighted Blanket

Would you like to offer your patients or students a Weighted Blanket but machine washing is not available or inconvenient? Therapro now offers the new Wipe-Clean Weighted Blanket which is made with high tech, ultra durable fabric. It does not require machine laundering!

Saturday Seminar Series
All seminars are free, and are held Saturdays from 9-11 AM in our Showroom.

To read Filomena's reviews about recent seminars, go to Therablog on the Therapro website where they will be posted. Please note the reviews will be moving from Filomena's Corner to Therablog in 2020.

To check out what's coming up for our Saturday Seminar Series, just click on the News and Events Tab on our website. View past seminars and upcoming seminars, see speakers' descriptions of their seminars as well as their learning objectives. We hope that knowing what to expect from the seminar in advance will help you decide if it is one that you may wish to attend (or view on our YouTube channel).

Upcoming confirmed events:
Cleopatra Knight-Wilkins
January 25, 2020
Rhythm of The Words Part 2: Integrating Multicultural Folk Songs & Games with Occupational Therapy to Improve Literacy

Speaker: Cleopatra Knight-Wilkins, OT, OTD, MED, OTR

Multicultural folksongs & games provide beautiful music and movements that enhance phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and motivation to listen, speak, write and read. Participants will learn developmentally appropriate, sensory integration, play and language interventions that enhance performance outcomes. Through hands-on, make-it-take-it activities, we will take a deep dive into integrating music elements with OT modalities. Join our morning of fun-filled professional growth! Register here.
Kate Barlow
February 22, 2020

Pediatric Oral Motor Strategies

Speaker: Kate Barlow, OT, OTD, OTR

 Colleen Cameron Whiting
May 16, 2020

Supporting Students in the School Who Have Experienced Trauma: Integrating Sensory, Regulation, and Relationship

Speaker: Colleen Cameron Whiting, OT, MS, OTR

Course announcement
Therapro seminar and webinar speaker, Cleopatra Knight Wilkins, OT, OTD, OTR will present a 1- day course on February 1st, in Boston. Her course is entitled: Rhythm of the Words: Integrating Multicultural Folk Songs & Games with Occupational Therapy to Improve Literacy.

To see more detailed information about Dr. Knight-Wilkiins' 1- day course and to download the registration form, please click here.
Please be sure to check the Therapro website in case of any
weather-related cancellations, and for all the newest seminar information.

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