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February 27, 2018
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HowdaHUG Sensory Chair Is a Winner!
We are excited to report that a product that is a favorite of many Therapro customers, the HowdaHug, has won an award.

Howda Designz Chairs Howda Designz Chairs Howda Designz Chairs Howda Designz Chairs
Howda Designz's owner/designer/artist, Leslie Novak, has proudly announced receiving the 2017 EDspaces Innovation Award in Seating from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) for the Howda Designz HowdaHUG seat. We congratulate her and are proud to offer this incredible seat that suits a myriad of needs and environments.

What is a HowdaHug? It's a lightweight wooden and canvas seat with so many great features!
  • Easily rolls up for carrying
  • Stores flat by stacking
  • Available in a variety of primary and calming colors
  • Comfortable, giving the user a gentle 'hug' as it wraps around the body and offers security by providing deep pressure, but no constraint
  • Designed to decrease fidgeting
  • Perfect for children and adults who need some linear vestibular movement
  • Can be used on the floor or in a chair
Howda Designz Chairs:
  • HowdaHUG Petite: ages 3-5 yrs, up to 50 lb. Measurements: 13" wide top x 13" high x 13" d
  • HowdaHUG 1: 7 yrs to adult, up to 125 lb. Measurements: 16" wide x 15.5" high x 14.5"d
  • HowdaHUG 2: 5-10 yrs, up to 100 lbs. Measurements: 14" wide top x 15.5" high x 13.5" d
  • HowdaSeat: Sized for Adult. Measurements: 17" wide top x 15.5" high x 15.5" d
  • HowdaSeat XL: Sized for larger adult. Measurements: 19" w x 15.5" h X 15.5" d
Gloria Breton, OTR/L, is a Howda Designz consultant who says: "Parents, teachers and therapists use and recommend the patented HowdaHUG chairs for children with diagnosed and undiagnosed issues including: ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism Spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, Down syndrome, Reactive Attachment Disorder, low tone, specific learning disabilities, and Cerebral Palsy, among others." In fact, all children in the classroom love it for group and circle time activities!

Bravo, Leslie!

Karen Weihrauch, PhD, OTR/L

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FREEBIES! Free Resources from Therapro
Winter Activities
Each of Our Pre-Writing Curriculum Enrichment Series was designed around seasons and a special theme representing that season. So, for Winter, snowflakes are the basic theme for hundreds of activities. In this newsletter, we are giving you samples of some of the tracing and drawing activity sheets from the Snowflake's book. There are 3 activity sheets with the same theme but at different developmental levels.

Practice tracing horizontal lines on a snowflake or, trace the cute penguin's heads or trace the squares to finish the snowflakes.

We hope you and the children have some winter fun!

All previous Therapro Free Resource offerings can be found here.

Upcoming Saturday Seminar Series
March 24, 2018 - Author of Fine Motor Olympics (New Revised Edition), Marcia Bridgeman, MHA, OTR/L, will present: Analyzing Activities for Improving Student Hand Function. The most important tools that students bring to school are their hands; hands allow students to manipulate their environment to provide specific opportunities to learn. This seminar will focus on the components of hand function and how they influence the activities you choose for treating your students.

The Saturday Seminar Series is FREE! Join us monthly at Therapro headquarters from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Register by email at [email protected] or call (800) 257-5376.

Coming in the next newsletter: - The review of the February seminar, Farm to Table: A Comprehensive Group Model of Nutrition and Feeding, will be in the next newsletter on March 13th. Dietitian, Maria Napoleone, MS, RD, LDN and occupational therapist Danielle Goldstein, M.Ed., OTR/L, work collaborately and successfully in feeding groups for children ages birth to three. Their seminar provided guidelines for using this model in schools as well.

To see the complete Spring 2018 seminar descriptions, learning objectives, and speaker information click here.

Salt Lake City or Bust! Hoping to see you at the AOTA Conference and Exhibition...
2018 AOTA Annual Conference
The 2018 AOTA Conference will be held in Utah, the Beehive State, and we expect Therapro's booth in the Expo Hall to be a "beehive" of activity! This conference promises to be the largest for occupational therapy professionals from around the globe. Stop by to meet renowned OTs Carolyn Murray-Slutsky and Betty Paris, authors of Is it Sensory or Is it Behavior? and Autism Interventions: Exploring the Spectrum of Autism. This year Chewy Tubes will also be part of the Therapro exhibit this year with owner/founder Mary Schiavoni, MS, CCC-SLP, who will unveil her latest product creation: the Sensory Spoon! Therapro reps Karen, Filomena, and Linda will be there to greet you, answer all your product questions, and much more. We'll see you at Booth #1500!

Monthly Specials & Clearance / Overstock Bin
Monthly Specials
Monthly Specials

All three books from the Pre-Writing Curriculum series are on sale for 30% off! Buy the full set for 40% off!

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Featured Product
Collapsible Slant Boards
Collapsible Slant Boards
We wanted to be sure that you did not miss reading about our big sale on slant boards, so we are featuring them again in this newsletter! Be sure to take advantage of these sale prices for these beautifully crafted boards that parent, teachers and students love.

Did you know that the Collapsible Slant Board is light, has a beautiful smooth surface, includes a heavy duty metal clip to hold papers in place and... is collapsible?
  • The Blue 12" x 12" Collapsible Slant Board is 10% off!
  • The Blue 18" x 12" Collapsible Slant Board is 15% off!
Now, add to the Collapsible Slant Board an adjustable feature and you have the Adjustable/Collapsible Light Weight Slant Board!
  • The Blue and Black 12" x 12" Adjustable Collapsible Slant Boards are now 25% off!
  • The Blue and Black 12" x 16" XL versions are now 27% off!

Saturday Seminar Series
All seminars are free, and are held Saturdays from 9-11 AM in our Showroom.

To check out what's coming up for our Saturday Seminar Series, just click on the News and Events Tab on our website. View past seminars and upcoming seminars, see speakers' descriptions of their seminars as well as their learning objectives. We hope that knowing what to expect from the seminar in advance will help you decide if it is one that you may wish to attend (or view on our YouTube channel).

Upcoming confirmed events:
Marcia Bridgeman, MHA, OTR/L
March 24, 2018

Analyzing Activities for Improving Student Hand Function

Speaker: Marcia Bridgeman, MHA, OTR/L

John Pagano, PhD, OTR/L
April 7, 2018

School Sensory Behavioral Strategies

Speaker: John Pagano, PhD, OTR/L

June Smith
May 19, 2018

Ocular-motor Assessments and Strategies to Promote Visual Efficiency and Support Learning!

Speaker: June Smith, OTR/L

Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for an announcement of our Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule!

Please be sure to check the Therapro website in case of any
weather-related cancellations, and for all the newest seminar information.

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