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bullet A Note From Karen C Weihrauch, President, Therapro, Inc.

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The World Health Organization has identified mental illness as a growing cause of disability worldwide and predicts that in the future, mental illness will be the top cause of disability. In response to this trend, increasing emphasis will be placed on mental health treatment and prevention services for children, youth, the aging, and those with severe and persistent mental illness. Therapro has recognized the need for resources in this area. In this newsletter we highlight two Therapro authors who are contributing to this base of knowledge and treatment: Karen Moore and Tere Bowen-Irish.

bullet A Sensory Perspective on Helping Adolescents and Young Adults Learn to Deal with Difficult Emotions

Karen & Karen

Sensory Connection Program

Curriculum for Self-Regulation
We were privileged to have Karen Moore, OTR/L present at the Therapro Saturday Seminar on April 23rd entitled A Sensory Perspective on Helping Adolescents and Young Adults Learn to Deal with Difficult Emotions. Karen is a highly respected and renowned therapist in her area of practice having been a Keynote speaker to a number of well-respected organizations. At Therapro, Karen provided attendees with a practical, effective approach to working with this challenging population. She taught how to use "Pause! Engage! Connect!" as a valuable crisis intervention tool. Karen's Sensory Connection Program publications, particularly her newest book: Sensory Connection Program: Curriculum for Self-Regulation offers a treasure trove of ideas to give your program a jump start. Check out the Youtube video clips of her seminar. We highly recommend reading Filomena's review for more a detailed explanation of this presentation.

Karen Conrad Weihrauch, PhD, OTR/L

Details on all Therapro offerings can be found at www.therapro.com and our blog. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or contact us with any feedback or questions.

bullet The Updated and Revised Drive Thru Menu: Exercises for Calming and Stress Busting

Calming & Stressbusting 1

Calming & Stressbusting 2

Calming & Stressbusting 3

We published Tere Bowen-Irish's Drive Thru Menus, Exercises for Relaxation and Stress Busting in 2004. Since then, Tere has extensively used them and presented them to many professionals around the world. Their popularity has been based on the quick implementation strategies that really work! The new and updated Drive Thru Menus, Exercises for Calming and Stress Busting provides a program for daily exercise as a strategy to cope with stressors from Ages 4-94. The Calming Menu utilizes visualization, breathing, meditation, and mindfulness to achieve a sense of calm and composure. The Stress Busting exercises help relieve stress through physical exertion and dynamic movement. And, a new addition - five new exercises using 2 Resistance Bands (included) to augment the program. The entire kit is neatly packaged with a Manual on how to use the entire program, a two-sided Poster, 25 new beautifully illustrated cards (4" x 5-1/2") with each describing Instructions, Rationale and Purpose of each exercise (10 cards for Calming Exercises, 10 for Stress Busting exercises and 5 for Resistance Band exercises). We think you will find these exercises are easy-to-follow and require a minimum of teaching.

bullet Sale Bin

Sale Bin

Browse through our Sale Bin for some great deals on discontinued or overstocked items. We update this frequently, so check back often!

Featured Product
Some recommended products by Karen Moore and Tere Bowen-Irish to assist with decreasing anxiety and improving a feeling of calm:
Fidget Kit
A kit of the most popular fidgets. Pick a new favorite everyday!
Fidget Kit
Bumpie Gertie Ball
This smaller Gertie is 5" in diameter and comes already inflated. Slightly firmer than the other Gerties.
Bumpie Gertie Ball
These soft, squeezable items fit perfectly in the hand and invite repetitious squeezes. Nontoxic, colorfast, slow recovery foam.
Sands Alive!
Plenty of sand and tools to start having fun!
Sands Alive!
Thera-Band Latex-Free Rolls
Now in economy 25 yard boxes and latex free! Each roll 6" wide.
Thera-Band Latex-Free Rolls
Saturday Seminars
All seminars are free, and are held Saturdays from 9-11 AM in our Showroom.

To check out what's coming up for our Saturday Seminar Series, just click on the News and Events Tab on our website. View past seminars and upcoming seminars, see speakers' descriptions of their seminars as well as their learning objectives. We hope that knowing what to expect from the seminar in advance will help you decide if it is one that you may wish to attend (or view on our YouTube channel).

Upcoming confirmed events:

August 20, 2016
School-Based OT Services in a Trauma Informed Model
Speaker: Peg Ingolia, MS, OTR/L

September 10, 2016
School-Based OT Services in a Trauma Informed Model
Speaker: Jan Hollenbeck, OTD, OTR

October 15, 2016
Mindful Moments in the Midst of Caregiving: Quality of Life for Professionals and Parents
Speaker: Emily A. Zeman, OTD, MS, OTR/L

December 10, 2016
Sensory Differences and Mealtime Behaviors in Children with Autism
Speaker: Jeanne Zobel - Lachiusa, EdD, OTR/L

Always check our website for the newest updated information.
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