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Sushi Slicing Playset


A fine motor activity dream to get those young hands strengthened for use with utensils! Begin practice with the chopsticks which have Velcro at the tips to make them easy to manipulate. Now pick up the sushi rolls that also have Velcro located in their center with the Velcro chopsticks for ease in picking up food. Clever! Take the Sushi rolls and cut them with the enclosed cleaver and hear realistic chopping sounds. Holding the cleaver with the index finger on the top and the other fingers holding it prepares the hand for holding eating utensils and pencils. There are over 20 wooden pieces that fit neatly into wooden box complete with a Sushi menu on the back. Kids love to pretend cutting and eating with this Sushi Slicing Box!

Item #: THC2880
Our Price: $19.99
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