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Minute Moves Collaboration Kit  - Kit and Posters
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Kit: This is the hands-on, real life classroom management of S'Cool Moves for Learning theory book. Involves an effective 7 week Program that takes only minutes to implement using a variety of movements for self regulation.

  • The 85 page Manual has wonderful Lesson Plans for each week along with letters to send home to parents and a clear way to explain to students why these activities are helpful to them.
  • Also includes an Implementation DVD visually demonstrating the Lesson Plan of the week along with some additional suggested activities.
  • 2 Latex-free Heavy Work Blending Bands are included and all items are securely put together in a large clear plastic folder.
  • A MUST product for teachers and therapists!




Minute Moves Posters: These accompany the Minute Moves Program week-by-week curriculum. Each week includes teaching students specific movements and routines for increasing attention and self-regulation. The Manual as described above contains 8" x 11" posters of these routines and and movements. NOW, the author has taken the posters and enlarged them to a great poster size (11"x17") on sturdy heavy card stock that can be laminated.  Now, the entire class can see them and they can be used over and over again!! There are a total of 10 Posters: Minute Moves Speech & Reading, Minute Moves Yawn Buster, Minute Moves for Writing Posture, Band Moves for Academics, Minute Moves for Vision, Minute Moves for Calming, Minute Moves for Fine Motor, Minute Moves for Auditory Sequencing, Minute Moves for Focus, Minute Moves Recess Refocusing Routines.

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