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From Rattles to Writing: A Parent's Guide to Hand Skills

This wise and wonderful book helps parents understand how children develop according to nature's plan and why rushing gets them nowhere fast. Barbara Smith's fun sensory-perceptual activities build foundational skills to prepare children for writing and academic success—when the kids are good and ready. She is singing our tune!
Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA
author, The Out-of-Sync Child and Growing an In-Sync Child (co-author with Joye Newman, MA, founder of Kids Moving Company).

This groundbreaking guide (written by an occupational therapist) describes the songs, games, toys, activities, and adaptations that help children develop the visual-perceptual skills needed to read and the eye-hand coordination to write.

Especially for parents, this comprehensive, fun guide will help you provide the right activities at each stage of your young child's development. You will learn about typical development so you can introduce activities at the right time and in the right sequence.From Birth to Age Five

  • how to help babies develop the motor skills to roll, crawl, sit, and walk-and older children to jump, hop and skip
  • what creative toys, games, and crafts make using hands fun, easy, and successful
  • what strategies help children learn to manipulate scissors and control a pencil
  • what the popular (but confusing) child development lingo means
  • how to provide sensorimotor experiences that promote brain function and learning